Towards the end of beta: Patapage 1.0 release

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The date when Patapage 1.0 will go online is set: we set a target to go online with 1.0 on the 29 of April (2010 🙂 ).

We have fixed the set of features that should be ready by that date, among which:

  • commentable contents, which is a convoluted way of defining a blog’s functionality
  • we completely redesigned the interface for creating scripts for your site – which you see in the picture
  • have “meta” scripts – for example that generate lists of contents
  • all labels be customizable
  • enable the “buy” functionality
  • prepare a user guide

This is the current opening of the user guide:

Using Patapage is a completely new way to add functionality to web sites, in a way where you are keeping control. You can add functionality one piece at a time, never bringing down your site, without breaking your design.

Patapage will be loved by people frustrated by CMS. Patapage will be loved by people that put design at the center of web development. Patapage will be loved by people that want simple solutions. Your site can keep evolving, can keep collecting and interacting with all the information sources out there without becoming a complex application. It will remain a simple set of HTML pages.

Patapage is not a universal tool, and intentionally so. The core of the buildup of the site is done with your own tools, with your preferred simple HTML editor.

Patapage is the fastest way to integrate your site with services which you normally obtain with painful server side coding.


Written by Pietro Polsinelli

February 26, 2010 at 2:24 pm

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