Patapage and site indexing

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image Does the “social” content of your web site get indexed under your domain? Normally, it doesn’t: if people write on Twitter, Facebook, blog posts about your web site or the topics it deals with, your site is not connected with such information. With Patapage you not only get connected, but also can get that the social content gets connected also for indexing.

An objection that could be raised to Patapage – to any Ajax-powered site – is this:

“Content that is inserted through Patapage is not under my domain so it will not be indexed by Google”

Actually, if you look at details, things are quite different.

If you build your site with Patapage as suggested, your site basic structure and HTML will be as simple as possible. All the “core” content will be hence as SEO-friendly as possible. What happens if you don’t use Patapage? Well, what normally happens is that whatever “talk” about your site topics is not indexed nor linked to your site in any way. And of course this includes indexing. This is the situation when Patapage gets added.

By adding Patapage, 1. Your site SEO-friendly structure is preserved 2. You connect “talk” and encourage visitors to connect to your content.

The extension of your site with Ajax-powered features, like widgets – increases your connectedness – and hence visibility: its an opportunity, not a problem.

The mistake would be to use Patapage as a way to build your core content – but this is not a good idea, and will not only not be SEO friendly, but likely nor user friendly too.

Patapage used correctly is a way to evolve a site remaining SEO friendly. Because the content remains simply structured. This said, there is work being done to index under your domain also all the content inserted in Patapage – see section 4.4 of the user guide.


Written by Pietro Polsinelli

May 11, 2010 at 11:00 am

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